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The pathway to success - business consulting services

Our 3-stage process helps your business achieve its full potential.

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Step 1:

The Discovery Call

In a Discovery Call we categorise the challenges facing your business, discuss how we can support you to move forward, and assess your potential for growth.

The type of questions we will ask include:

  • What is your greatest business challenge currently?
  • What are your main priorities at the moment?
  • What made you consider Bigwave growth?
  • What is the biggest issue if these challenges are not resolved?

By answering these questions, we are able to quickly understand the types of challenges you currently face and will recognise where you are in your business growth cycle.

This will help us to direct further questions to really understand the restrictions to your business growth and clarify how Bigwave growth has overcome similar challenges in the past helping our many clients.

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Business Consulting Services
Step 2:

The Discovery Day

The Discovery Day is a more detailed on-site assessment where we deep-dive into the workings of your business, and highlight the key opportunities for future growth.

At the end of a full day a written report is produced which outlines the key findings and recommendations to realise the business potential identified.

In the past we have supported modest increases, critical to business survival, or helped increase income by several millions on a single brand.

From these days and the information contained within the report it gives our clients real clarity to the changes we anticipate making and the benefit to the business they will bring.

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Step 3:

The Insight360 Programme

Insight360 is a full coaching and mentoring programme where we set up a monthly or weekly meetings to check your progress and keep your growth on track either with the senior management team or a specific department or team within the business.

The role of the business coach and mentor is to help produce an implementation timetable of the recommendations outlined in the report and then support the team in getting the actions completed on time throughout the programme.

Where required the development of key performance indicators to monitor, measure and track performance can be recommended and put in place. This level of scrutiny focusses the team’s efforts on the areas that will provide the greatest return and deliver business growth.

We can draw on additional support from across the Bigwave group. Digital transformations, paid media and search engine optimisation are just a few of the solutions already helping our clients in their bid to grow.

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